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Buses from Geneva Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Geneva Airport buses leave every 8 to 15 minutes from the city center and drop passengers off just outside the check-in level and beside the airport’s train station. The same interval and bus stops apply to buses from the airport to the city center, which is only 4 km away.

Geneva Buses connect with the city via lines 5, 10, 14, 23, 28, 57, F and Y. The services 5, 10 and 14 stop at the main train station Gare Cornavin in the heart of the city.

Upon arrival at the airport passengers are offered free unlimited travel within an 80 minute time period on the Unireso public transport network. Passengers will find several ticket dispensing machines located in the area of the customs controls at the Main Terminal.

Within the city bus tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines at the bus stops and at train stations. CHF and Euros are accepted. There is also a tourist information counter in the arrivals hall of the Main Terminal, where passengers can obtain details on the various bus routes in the city.

Visitors staying in airport hotels are offered the use of the hotel shuttle buses. The Crowne Plaza, Express by Holiday Inn, NH Hotel, Starling Geneva Hotel and Möwenpick Hotel and several other hotels provide this service. The hotel shuttle buses leave every 20 minutes from the main terminal.

It should be noted that city buses from Geneva Airport do not necessarily stop at the same bus stops on the return journey, for example, bus route 10 runs from Geneva Airport to Charmilles, Lyon, Bel-Air to Rive, but on the return journey the bus leaves Rive, goes to 22 Cantons Gare Cornavin, then Charmilles and the airport, leaving out Lyon.

A single Unireso ticket for a basic journey within one zone in the city costs CHF 2.00. After that ticket prices depend on the number of zones through which a passenger travels as well as the passenger’s status, since reduced ticket tariffs apply to OAPs, students and the unemployed as well as children.

For tourists staying at a Geneva hotel, in a youth hostel in the city or at a campsite outside the city center the Geneva Transport Card is ideal, as it provides free public transport use during their stay. The establishment, where the visitor stays will be able to give more information of how to apply for such a card, but the main tourist office at the airport and in the city will also be able to help. The card is valid on trams, buses, CFF trains and on the Mouette Genevoises, the water taxis that cross Lake Geneva.

In addition the Geneva Pass entitles visitors to a variety of reductions on admission fees to some of the best tourist attractions. There is much to see and tourists joining a guided walking tour of the city will be grateful for a free bus ride back to the hotel at the end of a long day of sight seeing. A professional tour guide leads visitors through a maze of narrow lanes and ancient streets in Geneva Old Town, where the Cathedral and Town Hall are just two of the historic treasures to be seen.

For more information about buses from the airport, please visit the official airport website at www.gva.ch.

Which Bus services/routes have stops at Geneva Airport?


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois


Bus Service Operated By Transports Publics Genevois

Where are the Bus Stops at Geneva Airport?

Bus Stop Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Genève-Aéroport, WTC 46.229367389595 6.10642390879224 View
Map of Bus Stops at Geneva Airport